Fashion Jewelry & Silver Earrings

Dolphin Silver Earrings

It is the ultimate fashion favorite! The dolphin design represents a harmonious and balanced life. Knowing that their playful nature must remind us that we need to approach life with humor and lots of joy. The sterling silver earring creation with natural Koa Wood inlay and easy hook hangers, is intended to bring your the […]

The Larimar Gemstone

The Larimar is a very rare precious gemstone that is only found in the Dominican Republic. Formed as crystalline clusters from volcanic rock, they say that it brings calm tranquility to the wearer and promotes a deep sense of serenity. Colors range from blue to green and gray to white, giving these stones are unique […]

What is Koa?

In the Hawaiian language Koa means brave, bold, fearless and warrior. Koa or Acacia Koa is a large tree, typically attaining a height of 15–25m (49-82ft) and a spread of 6-12m (20-39ft). In deep volcanic ash, a koa tree can reach a height of 30m (98ft), a circumference of 6m (20ft), and a spread of […]

What is tungsten metal

The name tungsten came from medieval German smelters who found that tin ores containing tungsten had a much lower yield. Pure tungsten metal was first isolated by two Spanish chemists, the de Elhujar brothers in 1783. It was said that the tungsten devoured the tin “like a wolf”.  Tungsten is a grayish-white lustrous metal, which […]